Check-up and Clean/preventative

General Dentistry

With our busy fast-paced lives, regular dental check-ups can easily be
overlooked. As with any area of our health, prevention is always better than a
cure. A routine oral health check-up and clean every 6 to 12 months can
save you significant money and pain in the future.

What to expect during a check-up & clean

Comprehensive examination

Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination to identify any teeth that need attention and look for early signs of gum disease or oral cancer. They will also examine the state of dental crowns or other  previous work you’ve had done to insure it is still in good shape.

X-rays and digital photos

X-rays are an important diagnostic tool your dentist uses in determining the presence of decay or gum disease. Your dentist may also use digital photos to record and track any changes.

Thorough clean

A thorough clean and polish will be performed to remove any plaque, surface staining or hardened calcium build-up (giving you that smooth and shiny justbeen- to-the-dentist feel and confidence).

Fluoride Treatment

As part of our preventive protocol, fluoride treatment is applied to assist in the prevention of decay by protecting the enamel against acid. Fluoride also helps to remineralise enamel to prevent more permeant damage and sensitivity.

These oral health maintenance appointments include everything we need to help you identify issues early, saving you from spending far too much time and money on major dental issues down the track.

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Fillings are an easy and effective way to protect your smile by treating cavities and repairing damaged teeth before they cause further harm. We use teeth coloured materials for improved aesthetics and apply the most up to date techniques to ensure minimal discomfort and speedy recovery.
Signs that you may require a filling:
*Sensitivity when teeth are exposed to cold and hot temperatures
*Visible dark spots or holes on teeth * A chipped or fractured tooth
* Cracked or broken existing fillings
Advantages of Fillings :
* Limits damage associated with dental cavities and decay
* Protects remaining tooth from further damage
* Eliminates pain
* Protects smile aesthetic by preventing tooth loss
* Restores tooth function
* Eliminates bad-breath-causing bacteria

Crowns and Bridges

Chipped, broken or missing teeth not only impact your appearance and selfconfidence but more importantly, your ability to chew food and maintain healthy gums. In these situations, dental crowns and/or bridges provide a natural-looking solution to improve the function and cosmetic appearance of your teeth.

Crowns are placed on individual teeth to repair tooth damage or as part of a smile makeover.

Bridges :
A dental bridge can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge generally consists of one or more crowns that are anchored to teeth on either side of the tooth gap, giving you back a gap-free smile.

Root Canal Treatment

Although the thought of a root canal treatment fills most patients with fear and dread it really is a thorough and effective way to treat pain and discomfort at it’s source and save a tooth that has been irreversibly damaged due to decay, disease or trauma. Endodontics is a particular passion of Dr Awad. Having completed further post graduate qualifications in this area, he is highly skilled and experienced in root canal treatments. His gentle touch and use of modern techniques will have you leaving thinking “that wasn’t bad at all!”
Signs that you may need root canal treatment:
* Severe pain, particularly when chewing
* Intense sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
* Swelling or tenderness in nearby gums * Tooth darkening

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars at the back of your mouth that usually come in during your late teens and early twenties. While in many cases wisdom teeth grow without causing any concerns, for some people they can be problematic, causing pain and swelling and possibly overcrowding. We understand that the prospect of having your wisdom teeth extracted can be a little nerve-racking. You can rest assured that Dr Awad is very experienced in extractions and makes every effort to keep you calm and comfortable throughout the procedure and during your recovery.
Signs that your wisdom teeth may need to be extracted :
*Bleeding or swelling around wisdom teeth
*Pain when opening your mouth
* Chronically getting food trapped between your wisdom teeth and the surrounding gum tissue.
* A foul taste or odour coming from the back of your mouth

Dental Emergencies

If you’re having a dental emergency such as severe pain, bleeding, chipped or broken teeth or sudden swelling, call us right away. We allocate time every day for emergencies so that you can be seen promptly. Our friendly staff will also provide any relevant advice over the phone and talk you through how to manage your issue until you see us.

dental implant

Gum disease treatment

You might not think a whole lot about the importance of healthy gums but gum disease, otherwise known as periodontitis, can wreak havoc on the soft tissue around your teeth. Without treatment, it can destroy the bone that supports your teeth leading to loosening and even loss of your teeth. While prevention via routine oral health check-ups is always best, if gum disease has taken hold, the team at Ettalong Beach Dental are here to help you eliminate gum disease and reclaim your oral health and protect your smile.

Children’s Dental

lifelong healthy beautiful smile begins with childhood dental care! At Ettalong Beach Dental our caring and compassionate team make your child feel right at home as we introduce healthy habits that will last into adulthood. Being a parent himself, Dr Awad understands that sometimes ‘distraction’ is the best tool we have for getting through appointments. That’s why the surgery is equipped with an overhead screen for your little one to watch their favourite show while receiving treatment.

The Good News

Thanks to the Australian Government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), keeping
your child’s smile healthy is likely not going to cost you a thing. The CDBS provides basic
dental services to eligible children aged 2-17 (capped at $1000 over 2 consecutive
calendar years). Feel free to phone any time and speak with our friendly team about your
child’s eligibility.